Clinical Endocrinology & Specialized Topics in Clinical Endocrinology

Clinical endocrinology deals with the study of endocrine system its function, diseases and abnormalities related to a patient. The endocrine system is defined that the organs in the body which further release hormones that use to regulate many of the body’s functions, like testes & ovaries, pancreas, the pituitary gland, and thyroid gland. The individuals which are specialized in clinical endocrinology are highly trained physicians. Extra Specialized topics, on which clinical endocrinology concentrates, like thyroid disorders, hormone disorders of various types can be treated by endocrinologists. Problems while oestrogen of progesterone production in the female body may cause symptoms like decreased fertility. Some endocrinologists specialized in fertility medicine.

  • Adrenal and Pituitary Tumors
  • Paediatric endocrinology
  • Obesity & Health

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